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Wedding Event Hanging Candle Holders


As far as wedding accents go, the glass globe votive is impressively versatile! If you’re going for a rustic woodland style, decorate your outdoor ceremony space by hanging globes filled with twinkling votives and plants fit for a terrarium. If it’s the glam look you’re after add dimension to a ceremony arch by hanging a group of glass globes filled with your wedding flowers or dangle the candleholders from tall centerpieces on your reception tables. Buy the hanging glass votives from our web page then find a few ways to use them at your wedding from the options below!

1. Fill With Flowers and Decorate The Huppah Or Ceremony Arch



      2. Add Votive Candles And Hang Over The Banquet Table

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: Perez Photography / TheKnot.com

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3. Create Mini Terrariums And Decorate The Stairs At Your Reception Venue

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: Spark Photography / TheKnot.com

4. Add Live Fish And Attach To A Sturdy Lampshade At Your Reception

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: Millie Holloman Photography / TheKnot.com

5. Hang Them As Bud Vases At Your Ceremony And Candleholders At Your Reception


6. Add Strands Of Crystals And Decorate Tall Centerpieces With Them

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: The Wedding Central HD Video and Photography / TheKnot.com

Use the smaller 8cm globes for table centrepieces, they are lite weight and anything bigger obscures guests from each other

7. Use Them As Bud Vases And Decorate Cocktail Lounge Furniture

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: Eclectic Images / TheKnot.com

 Display Air Plants At Various Heights Above Your Cake Table

Hanging glass globe wedding decor: Mel & Co. / TheKnot.com

9. Add Romantic Lighting To Your Indoor Reception




10. Mix With Lanterns At Your Outdoor Ceremony